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A traveler am I, and a navigator, and everyday
I discover a new region within my soul
— Kahlil Gibran

tarot reading

Illuminate insight and receive guidance about a current situation, challenge, question or general inquiry. We work together, co-creating your desired session. Intuitive readings range from astrological, akashic, spirit animal, and angelic wisdom readings.

Reiki & chakra healing

Unblock, cleanse, heal, balance and activate your energy centers (chakras). Relax and breathe, as I guide you through a visual body scan meditation. This visualization is followed by a reiki healing session and general guidance on mindfulness practices to improve your overall well-being and foster the continuation of your most natural evolutionary flow

Spiritual Journey

Individual journeys come in infinite forms. Let’s co-create a session just for you to manifest your heart’s intention. Journey deep, healing your mind-body-soul connection and exploring new pathways of introspective self-discovery.

*Plant and entheogen friendly


stay mindfull

all-natural mindfulness kits for your
daily practice on-the-go


About me:

Hey there Human and Cosmic family! I’m Wallis Rae, here on a mission to help assist with the transmutation (transformation) of our collective shadow (“darkness” or “shadow self”) into the exponential expansion of our collective, unified light (health, joy and compassion). I am grateful to be able to share the integrative wellness and spiritual practices I have learned and integrated into my eclectic “Mind-Body-Soul Tool Kit”. Insatiably curious about the mysteries of life, I welcome the exchange of schools of thought, perspectives and practices. I flow within my pure nature, aligned with the highest love and light.
Let’s connect!

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In compassionate service to others

Details to follow.